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The Internet is Going Crazy over These Chinese ‘Village Girls’ who can pass for Sexy Models!

I understood why the internet went crazy after looking at their photos!

These gorgeous girls became an overnight sensation after their photos were uploaded on the net. At first glance, you’d think they are experienced models who took care of their bodies and skin like any model would.

But you’d be shocked to know that they are actually ordinary girls from a Chinese village, who were chosen to do a photo shoot.

Village girls are often stereotyped to be NOT as beautiful as city girls do. City girls often use cosmetics and beauty products to enhance and improve their looks, while village girls cannot afford to do such things.

After their sizzling hot photos were uploaded to social media, a lot of netizens pointed out that they can actually pass for Victoria’s Secret models.

With perfect bodies and beautiful faces to boost, these girls are born to be in the modelling industry, don’t you think?


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