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Infuriated Father Beats His Own Baby for Crying Incessantly—Unbelievably Shocking!

He even used a wet towel and started whacking the baby for no reason.

As children, we’ve experienced different ways on how our parents discipline us. Small faults are often forgiven with a little scolding, while graver faults are punished with a little bit of grounding or a few slaps on your bottom. However, parents should always watch their words when scolding children, and always avoid physical punishments.

A video showing how a father was physically abusing his son after the latter was incessantly crying. Though the video has already been taken down as of this article’s writing, a few screenshots from the video emerged on social media.

Apparently, the little boy refused to stop crying for some reason. Instead of tending to his son, or checking out what was wrong, the man, believed to be the father of the boy, started hitting him on the legs.

Because of the additional pain, the boy’s crying became louder and it further annoyed the father. In his anger, the father started using a blue cloth to hit the crying baby with.

Many netizens were shocked and enraged after seeing the video, saying that the man should be at least sent to jail. Unfortunately, after the video was taken down, and no one could exactly say who the man on the video was, there is no way of knowing what happened after the incident.

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