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Homeless Woman Buys a ‘Best Friend’ after a Man Gave Her a Wad of Cash

They followed her after giving her the money to see what she does with it. They were surprised at what she bought with it!

Some people refuse to give money to the homeless as there have been “rumors” that many homeless people spend the money they get on alcohol and drugs, making their lives worse than it already is. To see if this is true, YouTuber Das from K3tV decided to test one homeless woman out.

Das first saw the woman sitting alone and approached her to start a conversation. After confirming that she was, in fact, homeless and even had a son she had to raise, Das decided to give her a wad of cash amounting to $283. The woman refused at first, saying, “I can’t take this!”

However, Das insisted and told her to use the money for whatever she and her son needed for the day. “That’s too much,” she said. But, after Das insisted, she finally accepted it and asked for a hug. “Thank you Jesus,” she added. Thinking Das had already left after giving the money, the woman stood up and walked through different shops. Little did she know, Das and his crew were following her.

They followed her through Santa Monica and ended up down a street that only had an animal shelter. A few moments later, she came out with a white dog. Apparently, she had used the money she had to adopt a dog.

“Hey!” Das called to the woman. “We’ve been following you. We watched you skip over every clothing store, over every little … you adopted a dog with the money I gave you?”

“Yeah,” she admitted. “I just … I don’t know. Out of everything that I’ve seen today, it seemed much more … caring to have a dog.”

“I looked at the clothes, saw the jewelry, but none of them touched my heart,” she added. “This is where my heart led me. It led me right here to this dog. And this is someone I can talk to and love and hold … No matter what he’s always going to be there for me …”

“That’s awesome,” said Das, impressed.

Das reached into his wallet and gave her money once again. the woman could only cry tears of joy after experiencing the best day of her life.


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