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Homeless Man Brutally Murders Family after They Took Him in and Gave Him a Job

They took him in as one of their own: fed him, clothed him, and even gave him a stable job.

Just a few days ago, a heartwarming story about a woman helping a homeless man went viral online. A woman saw a sobbing homeless man and changed his life when she decided to help him. People were happy to see that good Samaritans still exist—and it is slowly changing the world. However, this family’s selfless act was generous by this ungrateful homeless man in the most horrendous way.

The Wilkinsons took in Aaron Barley after they saw him begging outside a Tesco. They fed him, gave him clothes, provided him shelter, and even gave him a stable job in one of the businesses to give him a fresh, new start. Little did they know, that one act of kindness will soon destroy their lives.

Peter Wilkinson took the dog out for a walk one morning and left his wife Tracey and 13-year-old son Pierce with Barley in their home. But when he returned, he noticed that something was missing. His wife always put a cup of tea on the table as soon as Peter returned home. That day, there was no tea.

Peter knew was something wrong and immediately looked for his wife. Barley left Tracey dead in one room, and Pierce dying in another. Peter was able to call 911 after he was stabbed 6 times as well.

Speaking to The Sun, Mr Wilkinson said: ‘I always walk the dog at 7am and Tracey always left me a cup of tea on the kitchen counter for when I got back.

‘On that Thursday morning there was no cup there.’

He added: ‘This is how the evil piece of scum repaid us. I will feel guilty for the rest of my life for letting this man get so close to my family.’

19-year-old Lydia Wilkinson only managed to escape her brother and mother’s killer as she was away at Bristol University.

She told The Sun: ‘When he got back [Dad] asked Mum to go outside and open the boot of the Land Rover to get her present but to close her eyes.

‘When she did I jumped out. We fell into each other’s arms and cried tears of joy.’

Peter Wilkinson said going back to live in the house, along with his daughter Lydia, was ‘the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life’.

The judge told Barley: ‘You abused your knowledge of the family home, which you had only gained through the Wilkinsons’ extraordinary kindness and generosity to you.

‘Mrs Wilkinson and Pierce, only 13, were in bed at home, where they were entitled to feel and should have been safe.

‘You have shown no remorse – indeed only regret that Mr Wilkinson survived his injuries and at times satisfaction in what you did achieve. You knew that you were destroying the family. It is what you intended.’

The judge added: ‘The Wilkinson family, and in particular Mrs Wilkinson, had done nothing but their best to help you.

‘Mr and Mrs Wilkinson were both financially and emotionally generous to you. You betrayed their trust in every way, exploiting the knowledge of their household.’

She said: ‘It is difficult to imagine what went through Mrs Wilkinson and Pierce’s minds when you attacked them but they must have been bewildered and terrified.

‘One of them, at least, must have been aware of the stabbing of the other.’


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