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Strangers at a Mall Are Blamed for Pulling a Woman’s Skirt Up—But This Child Actually did it!

A woman asked several strangers to look after her son for a while—but he does this to a beautiful woman instead!

What would you do if you get blamed for doing something you didn’t actually do? These strangers get awkward after a kid put the blame on them—for pulling up a beautiful woman’s skirt at a mall!

In a prank conducted by the famous gag show Just for Laughs, several strangers are asked to look after a woman’s son, while she goes to the restroom for a while. What they don’t know is that the boy had something else planned in mind—and they fall victims to a hilarious prank.

While she was gone a very attractive female prankster walked up in front of the man watching the boy. She has her backside facing the boy and the stranger.

The little boy then proceeds to lift up the skirt of the lady and blames the innocent man watching him. The lady turns around and hilarity ensues! Watch the hilarious prank below:


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