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Young Entrepreneur Forced Out of His Seat and Humiliated by Philippine Airline Staff

The staff humiliated him and told him that he hasn’t paid for his seat.

Henry Wang, an entrepreneur and a well-known social media influence, claims that he was forced out of his paid seat on a Philippine Airline trip. He was humiliated by the staff, causing a stir on the plane after they accused him of not paying for the said seat. Apparently, a couple wanted to seat together in front, forcing him to go to the back of the plane on an uncomfortable seat throughout the trip.

The entrepreneur recently shared his “horror story” aboard a Philippine Airline plane while he was traveling to San Fransisco to Manila, and it has caught the attention of many netizens because of the severity of the treatment he received from the staff.

According to Wang, he booked a flight from Manila to San Francisco with PAL on April 9 but came to the said airport early to make a few arrangements with the airline because he needed to book an earlier flight citing a medical emergency.

Rey Gara, the general manager came to his aid and helped him with all the changes. Wang asked to be seated in a row with more legroom and was willing to pay any extra fees as he was having a hard time moving about because he was suffering from a slipped disc. He claims he was only charged the US $200 (around PHP 10,000) rebooking fee. When he was already seated in the plane, an airline crew member asked to check his boarding pass.

The airline staff then asking him loudly if he was in fact on the right seat, and Wang said “Yes”. To his shock, the staff suddenly accused him of not paying for his seat, and forced him to vacate his current seat, which was to be given to somebody else. Apparently, a couple wanted to seat together in front.

Wang initially refused and insisted that the staff call Rey Gara, who personally assisted him at the airport. However, the staff claimed that there was a bad reception, thus, they weren’t able to clarify Wang’s claims.

Wang was forced to sit further back, on a seat that was even stained with menstruation blood of another passenger. It was only later that he realized that he shouldn’t have given up his seat and fought for it until the end. He asked the couple if he could take a picture of their passes.

Wang said on his post: “My vision is now shattered and I do not want to make this go viral or report this to American consumer right attorneys. Looking back I wish I would have just let them throw me out or drag me out of the seat I rightfully paid for. I will not back down and I will exhaust every resource and every person I know to fight for this injustice.”


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