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Photo of a Hardworking Mom Selling in the Middle of the Heavy Rain Breaks the Hearts of Many

While many of us complain about our “low-paying” jobs, this mom braves the heat and extreme weather just to make enough money for her family.

Being a mom is definitely never an easy job. Many women out there sacrifice whatever they can just to make sure their children are safe and comfortable. They would even sacrifice their own happiness for their own children, knowing they are the future of the family and the nation. Sadly, not many children are grateful enough just to acknowledge all their mom’s hard work. As a matter of fact, many elderly parents are left in nursing homes to be cared for by other people.

While others could barely do one simple job, moms, on the other hand, would wash clothes, cook food, and even work while taking care of their children. Yes, they can and will do anything for their children.

Netizen Kenzo Sytangco II saw a mother working doubly hard as the rain poured so hard, and it made him realize his own mom’s worth. Many children today are very good at complaining, without realizing how much their mothers have been working all day—so Kenzo took this photo to make others realize just as he did.

Many netizens were concerned about the woman’s health as she is being exposed to extreme weather, while others lauded her for working so hard for her children. She braved the extreme weather, patiently waiting for a customer to pop out anytime. Though she barely makes enough to make ends meet (looking at the number of her products), this mom is definitely doing everything she can.


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