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THIS Hardworking Father Carries His Child on His Back Whilst Carrying Tons of Cement a Day

This father was trying hard to earn enough money to buy milk.

A parents’ love for their children surely has no equal. A parent would do anything just to keep their children safe. They would do anything just to make sure their children are living comfortably—even if it means that they have to sacrifice themselves in doing so.

In Hữu Lũng, Lạng Sơn Province in the Northeast region of Vietnam, a father carrying his child while working has caught the attention of the world through the internet. According to reports from a Vietnamese site, the man is a single father who is forced to work and take care of his son at the same time.

In the photos, the man carries his child on his back as he carries bags of cement every day. The hardworking dad immediately garnered praise from many netizens.

Though many netizens were amazed by this father’s devotion towards his child, some netizens didn’t approve with how the father brought his child to a dangerous place such as his workplace. Aside from being exposed to sunlight for most of the day, the child is also subject to inhaling dust and dirt throughout the day.


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