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Guy Stunned at Unexpected ‘Wild’ Visitor Who Approached Him and Even Slept Close to His House

The lynx suddenly approached them, only to gently touch the man’s hand and sleep close to his porch like any loving pet cat!

Everybody loves cats. And if not everyone, a lot of cat owners have dreamt of having a “big pet cat” at least once in their lives. However, taking these big cats as pets is strictly prohibited as they might pose a danger to the human family, and vice versa. In Canada, many people have spotted a few lynx, but getting up close isn’t easy.

Lynx have always been valued highly by trappers for their thick, soft fur—and lynx populations have declined with that hunting pressure. In the 1900s the lynx populations faced a huge decline because of the fur trade. Dan Chartrand from Canada was one of the lucky people to get across a majestic lynx, who was friendly enough to get close to them.

It all started when Dan’s friend noticed an animal walking across the bay. This prompted Dan to whistle at the animal, who slowly approached them after being “called”. The big cat got so close to Dan and his friend that the animal was able to touch his hand—gently.

The lynx then proceeded to sleep in front of their porch, next to their bird feeder.

It was an overwhelming experience for Dan. He shared his story on Facebook along with photos that stunned other Facebook users as well. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and he was definitely lucky to have encountered such a majestic creature.

Unexpected visitor today.I was doing some work at the cottage when Mike spotted an animal walking across the bay, so I…

Posted by Dan Chartrand on Friday, March 9, 2018


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