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This Grumpy Cat Started Acting Strangely towards His Owner—He was Actually Telling Her Something!

Tom was a grumpy cat who didn’t exhibit physical closeness with his owner—until this happens!

64-year-old Sue McKenzie noticed something outside her house one rainy afternoon, 20 years ago. When she opened the door, she saw a scrawny cat, meowing in the cold rain—and was at the brink of death.

Her husband wasn’t enthusiastic about taking in a stray cat, but she took care of the cat anyway. She later named the cat Tom. For the next 20 years, Sue and Tom lived together in their home in Scunthorpe, England.

Though they were connected with a strong bond, Tom and Sue didn’t have physical closeness towards each other. Tom retained his ‘street cat’ behavior and kept to himself most of the time. but one day, Tom started to change.

He would warm up to Sue, that he would often pat her on the shoulder or on the back. Tom started pawing and patting Sue on a particular spot on her body—her right shoulder.

Sue said: “Tom doesn’t actively seek out human contact, so I thought he was behaving very strangely when he suddenly started pawing me.”

She added: “He would pat the back of my neck while meowing very loudly. He did it constantly for two weeks and was starting to drive me mad to be honest.”

Sue was convinced something was wrong with Tom and brought him to the vet. She was surprised to learn that Tom was actually healthy and fine. Strangely, the vet then suggested that perhaps Tom was trying to tell Sue something.

And the vet was right! Sue, who worked as a nurse, thought she knew her body well enough to know if she was sick. But the veterinarian’s words echoed in her mind. And she suddenly felt like something was wrong with her collarbone.

Sue went to the doctor and learned that she had a lump on her shoulder. And it turned out to be Hodgkin’s lymphoma—a form of cancer that affects the lymphatic system.

Thanks to Tom, Sue was able to undergo surgery, and is now recovering with the help of chemotherapy.

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