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Groom Dumps Bride after His Friends Showed What Happened During the Bachelorette Party

I can’t believe she did that in front of so many people!

In many western countries, having a bachelor/bachelorette party before getting married has become a tradition that is hard to break. Partners have the urge to “party one last time” before getting “tied down in marriage”. However, things sometimes get out of hand, and they sometimes end up hurting their partners because of how these “parties” can be quite wild.

A man dumped his bride-to-be a few days before their wedding, after a video showing the bride getting wild at a bachelorette party—with a male stripper. It was so wild that you’d think it was a clip from a porn site!

In the video posted by a certain Carmelo Diva on Facebook, the bride-to-be can be seen having a ‘good time’ with a male stripper. The lewd clip showed the bride having sex with a male stripper, while all the guests watched and cheered on as the stripper was about to finish up.

According to Diva, the husband-to-be immediately called off the wedding.


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