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Look: This Girl’s Weight Loss Journey Inspired Many Netizens after Her Photos Went Viral

Many netizens were shocked at her sudden transformation in just a year!

A new Facebook trend challenges users to post different pictures of themselves in the past 5 years, and compare how they have changed throughout those years. While most Facebook users didn’t show much change in 5 years, this girl caught the attention of many netizens because of her unbelievable transformation.

2012: “Kawawa yung salbabida.” (I feel bad for the lifesaver)

2013: “I have to sayyy… I’m cute. Bye.”

2014: “Antagal kong pinangarap makapag-suot ng dress na ‘di pinagkakamalang buntis.” (I’ve always wanted to wear a dress without people thinking I’m pregnant.)

2016: “Nakapag-ONE PIECE din akooo!!?” (Finally, I got to wear a one-piece!)

2017: “Dinedma mo yan noon. Charooottt.” (You ignored me before.)

Rizza Jane Robles Paragas weighed almost 100kg back in 2012. She had a hard time getting men to like her, and was always a victim of bullying. Rizza says she tried losing weight several times and it wasn’t easy. As a matter of fact, this was her third time trying it out.

When asked how she lost so much weight in such a short period of time, she claims to have undergone extreme measures, and she doesn’t suggest trying it. With the help of slimming pills, she regularly went to the gym to exercise. But she became addicted to losing weight that she even tried NOT eating. Her hair started to fall out because her body lacked the necessary nutrients.

And after a few months, she finally reached her desired weight. Look at her now!


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