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Leukemia-Stricken Girl Writes Heart-breaking Letter to Dad asking to Stop Treatment

Her mom apparently ran away after their family fell into debt because of her treatment.

Cancer is a life-threatening disease that compels patients and caretakers to act immediately. Unlike diabetes, which can often be regulated for decades with proper diet and the correct medicines, cancer could kill a victim within a span ranging from months to years, all of which would be painful and possibly debilitating.

It is no secret that cancer treatments are becoming much too costly for the average patient. For many impoverished families, getting cancer is like losing life itself as they cannot afford to undergo treatment. Many families in Asia fall into debt after trying to save their family members from cancer. Sadly, despite spending so much, not many make it and survive cancer.

7-year-old Chinese girl from Heilongjiang province was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016 and has been struggling to live since then. Little Zhang Jiaye’s life was immediately in jeopardy. Doctors told her parents that she needed immediate treatment.

The treatments of her illness have cost the family 590,000 yuan (USD 93,249), leaving her family in deep financial stress. Her parents were forced to work day and night just to make enough money for her treatment. However, they came a time when Jiaye’s mom left them as she could no longer handle their financial problems.

Her dad worked alone, never giving up on his daughter. Jiaye continued to fight for her life until she saw her father crying one day—she realized her sickness is causing her dad so much stress and heartbreak.

She then wrote him a letter that said: “Dad, I saw you cry today. I’m so sad. I know you’ve spent a lot of money to treat me. You’ve run out of money. Mum also left. This is all because of me. If I am gone, Mum will come back and you will be happy as before. I don’t want be treated any more. Let’s go home, shall we?”

Touched but heartbroken by his daughter’s letter, Zhang Mingliang refused to give up on his daughter and promised her that he would do anything and everything just to make sure she gets better. However, the handwritten letter made its way to the internet and it quickly went viral on social media. thanks to many kind netizens, 600,000 yuan (USD 93,666) has been collected in donations.

Keep fighting Jiaye!


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