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These Girl Best Friends Play Ridiculous Pranks on Each Other and it Has Become Viral!

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Girl best friends are practically the sisters you’d wish you had. Best friends are BFFs for a reason. You’re supposed to be weird with your bestie! And you and your best friend probably do some really strange things together. I know you do because I do them with my BFF too!

But these girls take ‘pranking’ up a notch—and they can be really nasty. Oddly enough, a lot of people enjoyed watching their videos, as it has reached millions of users on Facebook and YouTube. How are they even still together after all this? They must be really good friends!

While they gained a lot of fans on social media, many netizens were not happy with their videos. Some netizens say their ‘pranks’ on each other aren’t even funny. What do you think?

Check their oddly hilarious pranks against each other and make sure to share with a friend!


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