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This Guy Pretends to be Broke and Homeless to See If People Would Help Him—a Filipino Did THIS!

There is still good in this world!

Filipinos are known to be the most hospitable and friendly people in the world. Aside from the beautiful nature the Philippines has to offer, that is one of the reasons why many foreigners choose to stay in the said country.

To test if Filipinos are really that friendly and hospitable, Facebook user Nas travels to Manila in the Philippines and pretends to be broke and homeless. With ZERO money in his pocket, he walks the streets of Manila in hopes to find people with golden hearts.

He wanted to know if anybody would give him water, food, and shelter, even without him asking. Check the video below and let your faith in humanity be restored!


I wanted to see if I can live on $0.00 for the whole day only by relying on the generosity of complete strangers. And holy cow, IT WORKED!!! I never asked directly to be helped, never mentioned Nas Daily, and never faked a situation. In all 3 cases, people chased me to provide water, food, or directions to the nearest hotel (before knowing I had no money). It blew my mind. The water guy, he noticed I looked Middle Eastern and immediately offered water because we’re both Muslim. The food guy, he was unemployed for a while but only TODAY got a job (pays $8 a day) and so he wants to share his blessing by buying me a $1.30 meal. Please message me dude, I didn’t get your message! I need to pay you back. Finally, I am here writing this from the home of a stranger who had no problem offering his entire apartment (very tiny) and his bed (only a mattress) to a complete stranger. He wants 0 things in return, but I insisted on giving back, so he said that you should like his friend’s new non-profit Facebook page: Filipino Educators of Tomorrow. Please do that. I am not in the business of feel-good, inspirational, sometimes cheesy content. But holy f*** sh**, that was AWESOMEEEE!!!!!! One last caveat: I do think that in GENERAL it’s much easier for foreigners to get help. If I were a Filipino this would be harder. That’s just a fact. I don’t know how to reconcile that or don’t know what to think of it. But I take comfort in knowing that in all 3 cases above, the desire to help was genuine and was above race, gender, or social status. LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook! @NasDaily on Insta and Snapchat for real time updates. P.S Please don’t tell me to visit the islands in the comment section. I promise I will soon. There’s more to the Philippines than just pretty beaches.

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, January 9, 2017


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