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Here Are Five Reasons Why ‘Curvy’ Women are Still the Best Partners in Bed

Curvy women are definitely the best!

If a woman who is considered to be beautiful back in the past centuries is to be transported to 2017, most people wouldn’t consider her to be beautiful at all. In today’s society, skinny is considered the new beautiful, making more and more women strive for skinnier features and use silicone to fill in some parts. But is that really beautiful?

Some women are not satisfied with what they see in the mirror. May it be about how they look, or dress, or their body as a whole. A woman’s physicality can be easily ruined with giving birth to several children, or being stressed out most of the time. But aren’t curvy women more attractive? They are all-natural!

What are the top reasons why curvy women are the best partners in bed?

Curvy figures have naturally big boobs.

Most men love big boobs, right? Eighty percent of curvy women have big breasts and for that, we believe that curvy women have the better advantage in this department. Not only do curvy women have bigger ones—they are all-natural too!

Curvy women have nice, round, and thick butts.

Not only are curvy women fully blessed up front—they are also massively blessed behind! There is no denying that men love big butts too.  The say having a big butt indicates that one has a good source of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. This means that they do not only have nice shapes but healthy hearts and bodies too!

Curvy women are the best cuddle buddies.

Would you rather cuddle bones or soft, supple meat? Just sleeping together with your curvy woman can be an incredibly special feeling. Isn’t it better to do this this with women whose bodies are somewhat plump?

Curvy women have better, sensational sex appeal.

They exude, energy, radiance and health all over. We have to agree on this because we think it is much more enticing to see a woman whose body shouts energy and vigor, rather than see someone who looks all tired up.

Curvy women are confident.

Curvy women are proud of every inch in her body, and they embrace their real selves. She sees beyond physicality and learns to love herself for who she really is. Most women of today lose confidence in themselves, not realizing that a lot of people depend on that confidence.

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