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Netizen Seeks Help for Abandoned Father and Son Who Lost Their Home to a Fire

According to the netizen, the father was also abandoned by his wife shortly after the tragedy struck their family.

A fast-food worker at a McDonald’s San Fernando junction branch was heartbroken after seeing a homeless father and son while he was working. He was getting water when the father was getting in line to get water as well. They got into a small conversation, revealing the man’s hard life after literally losing everything—except his son.

According to the homeless man, their house burned down, leaving them with practically nothing. To make things worse, his wife left them soon after the tragedy, making it harder for him to survive and support his son. While traveling, they were also robbed of their last belongings, leaving them with nothing but the shirt on their back.

Despite the hard life he is currently leading, the father never left his son, and would do everything just to feed him. He’d rather starve than see his son hungry. Seeing how hungry they were, the fast food worker decided to give them money for food at least for the day.

The story was shared by Facebook page “Ginalingan Eh”, where hundreds of netizens expressed their sympathy towards the father and his son. The post’s author decided to share the story hoping others would be touched by the story and help them survive.


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