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This Farmer Lost Both His Arms in an Accident But Found Incredible Ways to Feed His 91-year-old Mom!

Despite having no arms, he works hard to take care of his 91-year-old mom.

Our parents fed us, clothed us, and gave us a comfortable life even if it meant sacrificing many things in their own lives. When we grow into successful adults, it is but right to reciprocate what they have been giving us all those years. Unfortunately, with the increasing availability of nursing homes, many old people are forced to live apart from their families—where they are sadly forgotten most times.

But for 48-year-old Chen Xingyin Chongqing municipality in China, nothing can stop him from caring for his mom. Being the youngest son from a six-member family, he farms, cooks, and feeds his family’s goats.

And in 2014, when his then 88-year-old mom began suffering from bronchitis and was bedridden because of it, he has been taking care of his mom all by himself.

But he is not an ordinary farmer. As a matter of fact, he lost both of his arms in an electrical accident when he was just seven years old, making it hard to work like any normal person.

However, if you look at him today, you’d probably say he is faster and more efficient than many normal people.

Aside from tending to the family’s farm, he takes care and feeds his mother without the help of anybody. He uses his feet to prepare and cook his mother’s food, while he uses his mouth to hold the spoon to feed his mum.

One web user commented, “In some ways, his feet look more useful than my hands. What I respect about him the most is how hard he works to make his own life better instead of relying on help from others.”

“I felt like crying when I saw the picture of him feeding his mom,” wrote another netizen

“People like him deserve more attention and should serve as our example. I wish him happiness,” another netizen echoed.

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