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A Farmer Discovered a Door Beneath the Sand—My Jaw Dropped When I Saw What Was Behind It!

He literally discovered a door to a whole new world!

While scientists claim that there is no longer a part in this planet which has not been discovered, there are still many things that remain undiscovered beneath the earth’s surface. Each new discovery made can change how we have viewed the past. But sometimes, nature has a way of revealing these secrets.

Back in 1850, a destructive storm swept across Orkney in Scotland. Though the harsh storm has claimed more than 200 lives, it revealed something very important in our history. It revealed ancient sites and regarded by many as one of the most remarkable prehistoric monuments in Europe.

Dubbed the ‘Scottish Pompeii’, the Neolithic village of Skara Brae is believed to have been around earlier than Egypt’s pyramids. Skara Brae is a prehistoric village that was in use between roughly 3100 B.C. and 2500 B.C.

While the village’s buildings were modified throughout its 600-year history, the site was never large and consisted of about 10 houses that, in total, probably housed no more than 100 inhabitants at any one time.

Eventually, a series of roofed passages were constructed that made it easy to go house-to-house in the middle of winter.

In 1868, after the remains of four ancient houses had been unearthed, work at Skara Brae was abandoned. The settlement remained undisturbed until 1925, when another storm damaged some of the previously excavated structures.


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