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Men Dressed as ‘Fake Monks’ Force People to Pay P100 in Exchange for ‘Prayer Bracelets’

They don’t accept payment below P100!

In the Philippines, Baguio City is probably one of the most visited city by tourists. The cool weather attracts many people especially in the summer time where the heat in the lowlands can be devastating. And as soon as the holiday season started, tourists started pouring in, giving many criminals the opportunity to steal from and scam people.

Photo by Facebook /The Cordilleran Sun

In recent witness reports and Facebook posts by locals and tourists, a group of ‘robed monks’ can be seen forcing people to give money in exchange for ‘prayer beads’. According to some victims, these fake monks can be aggressive, and wouldn’t accept anything below P100.

These red bracelets (pictured below) are worth P50, while the ‘Buddha beads’ are worth P100 to P500.

Photo by Facebook /The Cordilleran Sun

These con artists often target young students, who are more vulnerable to this kind of modus. According to a Facebook post by the Cordillera Sun, these scammers have been spotted along Session Road, in Leonard Wood, in Harrison Road, and other major streets in the city.

The local government of Baguio are warning tourists and locals not to entertain these men, and report them to the local police if ever they spot them.


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