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This Faithful Dog Followed His Human Best Friend during Her Entire Funeral Procession—Touching!

Family and friends of the deceased hardly noticed that the dog followed them to the cemetery.

A dog’s loyalty towards his human family has no equal. It is a fact that many humans keep dogs as pets, knowing how faithful and loving they can be. Dogs and humans create an unbreakable bond—even after death.

Posted by Leong Khai Wai on Friday, March 3, 2017

In Malaysia, friends and family of an elderly woman who’d recently passed away gathered to pay her one final farewell. Her great-grandson, Leong Khai Wai, noticed something that broke his heart all the more.

Apparently, when his grandmother was still alive, she especially loved a dog named Bobby, who stayed by her side all the time. Leong saw that Bobby wanted to bid his best friend goodbye too, as he followed the procession. Bobby trailed the motorcade on its 2-mile journey to the cemetery.

“I don’t think anyone knew he was following,” Leong said.

As soon as they reach his best friend’s final resting place, Bobby sits beside the hole where she would soon be placed in. He refused to budge. It was as if he knew what the dug hole would be for.

As the coffin was lowered, Bobby could only look with sad eyes. He knew that it was the last time he would be able to see his best friend. The dog’s touching actions weren’t lost on those present:

“They said it was the first time they’d ever seen such extreme loyalty in a dog,” Leong recounted.

According to Leong, his grandfather and great-uncle are now taking care of Bobby.



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