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A Drunk Woman Was Passed Out on His Couch—What He Does Will Give Every Man a Lesson!

Many men take advantage of women who are drunk and/or passed out during parties.

It is always advisable for girls to avoid getting drunk in the first place, but when worse comes to worst, many things can happen. Being intoxicated and left alone in a room can attract a lot of sexual predators—and almost always lead to rape. Rape can destroy a woman’s life, even after the assailant is brought to justice. It leaves a scar that will forever haunt a woman, and may even affect her future relationships with other men.

Many people think that rape involves force. Intoxicated women on the other hand, have no strength to defend themselves. Engaging in sex without consent is still rape, with or without force.

Today where younger people are becoming sexually active, and alcohol is very easy to acquire, the number of rape victims are increasing by the day. We need to raise awareness not only among women, but among men, too.

In the end of the video, the man says: “This video is a clear example of how men should treat women. It’s done so you can get yourselves together and treat them the way they deserve.”


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