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Loyal Dog Guards His Tired Young Master as They Beg for Food and Money along the Streets

Hopefully they have a great Christmas together.

A dog’s loyalty to his owner can never be seen in any other animal. While many owners consider their pets as family, these dogs consider their human owners family as well. Dogs have been a big help to many humans for decades. They are trained to catch bad guys, they protect our families and homes, and they are even trained to help those who are physically disabled. One thing’s for sure: dogs are truly man’s best friend.

This young boy and dog are visibly good friends. Clad in human clothes, the dog can be seen biting onto a small bucket while he sat silently beside his tired master. Passersby gave them money as they were touched by the dog’s loyalty towards his master.

The pair was seen begging at a sidewalk near central station/Lawton, across the University of Manila in the Philippines.

Facebook user Sef Isred saw the pair and was touched by their friendship. He decided to take a picture of the dog and his master and shared it on social media. The photos immediately went viral, almost reaching 7,000 views as of this article’s writing.



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