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Adorable Dog Sits like a Human as He Commutes with His Owner inside a Public Jeep

He was so well-behaved that other passengers were amazed by this man’s best friend.

If you have ever owned a dog, you know how similar dogs can be to humans. They love eat “people food”, love to sleep in your bed, and definitely enjoy a good nap. However, these human besties have taken it one step further.

A photo showing a dog commuting with its owner was taken last year but is going viral again as netizens took notice. In the photo, a dog was seen “sitting like a human” as it traveled with its owner by using public transportation.

Taken by Derick Anne Mariano, the unusual photo showed an adorable canine sitting like a human aboard a public utility jeepney. The dog was even looking out the window like any human would. It caught the attention of many as dogs were usually kept on leashes and taken to walks, instead of being taken with their owners in public rides.

Netizens were also amazed that the dog was incredibly well-behaved. Passengers inside the said jeepney were equally astonished by the canine who showed human traits.

Such a cute scene to see inside a jeep!"This dog, who rode with its owner, sits like a real human being inside a…

Posted by Doggie Fun Fair on Friday, December 15, 2017


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