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Doctor refuses to give up on Patient and Performs CPR for Two Hours Ultimately Saving Him

The young man suffered a cardiac arrest as soon as they reached the hospital.

Being a doctor is hard. They are held responsible for the lives of many, while they struggle to save as many lives as they can every day. At Liuzhou City Hospital in Guangxi, China, a doctor refused to give up on a patient whose heart stopped for over an hour.

The 22-year-old patient was rushed to the hospital and suffered a cardiac arrest as soon as he was wheeled in. The staff immediately performed CPR but he did not revive. They did their best, giving him epinephrine injections and using a defibrillator but nothing happened. His pulse came back but it was too weak and unstable. The staff was slowly losing hope.

However, the doctor in charge believes the patient can survive based on his medical assessment. With this at hand, the doctor insisted that they all help him in performing CPR on the patient. The patient’s heart had stopped beating for over an hour already, but the doctor continued in trying to save him. And his hard work soon paid off.

Amazingly, the young man came back to life about 2 hours after he ‘died’. By this time, over 15,000 chest compressions had been performed on him. He was rushed to the ICU and is expected to recover soon.

How long should you continue CPR? Longer than 30 Minutes. A new study has found that keeping resuscitation efforts going for longer could improve brain function in survivors. The sooner that CPR is started after someone’s heart stops, the better.

The only problem in this case would be that the patient’s brain was deprived of oxygen for too long and there could be a possibility that he will fall into a coma.


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