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Footage Shows a Daycare Staff Pushing a 4-year-old Down the Stairs—then She Notices a Camera!

She does THIS once she notices the new camera installed.

Being a parent is truly a tough job. Dads often shoulder the need to provide for their children, while moms have to literally take care of them while doing household chores. And as times get tougher, some moms need to get jobs as well, and their children are sent to daycare centres to be well taken care of.

These daycare centers often ensure the safety and betterment of children, leaving parents assured and confident that their children are in the best place. Unfortunately, some of the most harrowing abuses happen in these centers, and only a few people are put behind bars. Fortunately, with today’s CCTV cameras, these abusers are caught red-handed.

Daycare manager Shawayne Tavares had new cameras installed at their daycare in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As she was checking how the cameras work, she noticed something that shocked her to the core. One of the daycare’s staff, 54-year-old Sarah Gable, was seen pushing a 4-year-old down the stairs!

As she was about to do something again, she noticed a camera, and pretended that nothing happened. She then held hands with the child and helped him down the second set of stairs. This happened half an hour after the cameras were installed.

Thankfully, the child was not seriously injured, except for a few bruises on the knee.

Gable’s camp refused to issue any kind of statement, but her attorney claims that Gable was ‘glad’ that nothing serious happened to the child. She now faces charges of simple assault and endangering a child’s welfare. Her bail was set to USD 25,000.


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