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This Dude Gets His Dad to React to a Sexy Lingerie Video—Then Tells His Mom About It!

His dad was so engrossed in watching that he didn’t realize who just entered the room!

Reaction videos have been extremely popular in the recent years, making them among those of the most viewed videos on YouTube. For some reason, many viewers enjoy watching other people react to videos they like—I know I do!

YouTuber FaZe Rug is known for his ‘prank videos’, some of which have reached millions of views as of this article’s writing. But this could be the most hilarious video so far!

He asks his dad to react to a ‘sexy lingerie’ video made by his friend. A few moments after the video was played, he asks to be excused for a while and goes down the stairs to where his mother was doing something. He then snitches on his dad! He tells his mom that his dad is actually watching a sexy lingerie video!

His mom didn’t believe it at first, claiming her husband ‘would never do that’. But after a few minutes and a little convincing from her son, the mother decided to check it out. She enters her son’s room—and voilà!

The innocent dad continues to react to the video, not knowing who was behind him—even making reactions to the video he was watching. As soon as his wife crept up to him and gave him a slight fright, he jumps out of his chair! Watch the hilarious video below:


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