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Wives of Prisoners in this ‘City Jail’ are forced to Strip Down While Police inspect Their Private Parts!

Apparently, the city jail warden saw this kind of ‘inspection’ while training in Malaysia.

Body cavity searches are very common in other countries, which is often practiced in prisons. It is far more invasive than the standard strip search that is typically performed on individuals taken into custody, either upon police arrest or incarceration at a jail, prison, or psychiatric hospital. Often the procedure is repeated when the person leaves the institution.

But in the Philippines, where the war on drugs is currently on going, this kind of ‘inspection’ has never been used. However, the city jail in Pasay conducts this kind of inspection—but with a ‘twist’ that sent many human rights organizations into a fury.

According to the said jail’s warden, he saw this kind of inspection in Malaysia, and wanted to ‘try out’ the said practice in the Philippines as well.

The ‘inspection’ involves a hole through a small platform, with a CCTV camera below it. The female visitors are then asked to strip down and ‘squat’ on the said platform, while the inspector checks the woman’s private parts for cigarettes and drugs.

What is a body cavity search?

According do Wikipedia, a body cavity search is either a visual search or a manual internal inspection of body cavities for prohibited materials (contraband), such as illegal drugs, money, jewelry, or weapons. Body cavities used for concealment include nostrils, ears, mouth, navel, penis (urethra and foreskin) or vagina, and rectum.



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