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Plus-Sized Woman Defies Stereotyping and Poses as a Model—and Became an Internet Sensation!

Stereotyping has prevented many plus-sized women to do what they want—like modelling.

We all have different ‘tastes’ and standards when it comes to beauty. Some might like women who are tall, while some like petite women. Some may like the slim type, and there are people who prefer the ‘curvy’ type. But one thing is for sure: beauty knows no boundaries.

Some women are not satisfied with what they see in the mirror. May it be about how they look, or dress, or their body as a whole. A woman’s physicality can be easily ruined with giving birth to several children, or being stressed out most of the time.

Today’s society define beautiful women as skinny and fair-skinned, leaving many plus-sized women often ridiculed and discriminated against. With this at hand, a lot of women—though strong-willed—are no longer confident in how they look. But for Saowaluk Hirokajung Ping Anawong from Korat, Thailand, her chubby and curvy body is something she is proud of.

She believes everybody is born different, but no other person can criticize or discriminate against you—except yourself. She maintains a positive outlook on life, inspiring many people to pursue their dreams no matter what other people may think of them. She showed us that what is ‘impossible’ for some people, is actually possible if only they would accept their flaws and embrace it.


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