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Chinese Women Denied Flight after Airport Personnel Failed to Identify Them with Their Passports


They flew to Korea to have plastic surgery.

When it comes to plastic surgery, South Korea has one of the world’s fastest growing and technically advanced beauty industries. Korean women spend almost twice as much as their income on beauty products than American women, while Korean men spend more money on makeup than any man in the world.

People hoping to have something done to improve their looks often go to South Korea because of the country’s exceptional reputation in plastic surgery. Three Chinese women made the best out of the Golden week, China’s busiest holiday, by going to South Korea and get surgery. Though their surgeries were successful, airport personnel refused to allow them to board the plane since they no longer look like the people in their passport photos.

The three Chinese women were still recovering from their operations, as it appears, as they had swollen faces and bandages around their head—making it harder for authorities to identify them. The picture was said to be taken at one unnamed airport in South Korea during China’s National Day holiday.

The picture, which was said to be posted by Jian Huahua, a Chinese news anchor, was apparently taken while they were waiting for their identities to be confirmed.


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