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Chinese Parents Kept Their Baby inside a Pool Locker While they swim with Their Older Children

The staff was shocked to see the couple taking out a baby from the pool lockers!

There are people who should never be parents. While there are couples who could only dream of having children, there are parents who put the lives of their own children in danger. A couple from China received a lot of ire after their video was posted on Chinese website news.

Lockers are very useful especially when people go to public places to enjoy themselves. To avoid theft, they usually keep their valuables in lockers while they enjoy time for themselves. However, this couple didn’t want to take care of their baby while they swim, and so they decided to put the baby in the pool lockers instead!

In the video, the child was wailing and was clearly distressed as the mother pulled him out of the lockers. Apparently, they had a hard time opening the lockers at first, and needed to ask assistance from the staff. Upon hearing the child’s cries from the lockers, people began filming and were equally shocked to see a baby being pulled out.

Fortunately, the child didn’t suffocate and didn’t show any signs of injuries—but it was definitely a traumatizing experience.

On Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, many people were shocked by the couple’s behaviour, calling them ‘careless’, ‘selfish’ and ‘irresponsible’.

One user commented: ‘The child looked powerless when it was pulled out. How scared the child must have been after being left in such a dark and small space.’

Another user said: ‘How careless could the parents be? The child is not an object. If it’s not convenient, then don’t go to take the bath.’

Some people worried about the child might suffer from claustrophobia in the future, while others claimed the parents should be deprived of their guardianship of the child if the accusations turn out to be true.


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