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This Underground Chinese Factory Was Exposed for Recycling Old, Used Diapers to Make New Ones

This is taking ‘recycling’ a little bit too far, don’t you think?

Experts and environmentalists advise us to recycle and reuse things as much as possible, so as not to produce so much waste. While we recycle, less waste pollutes our planet. But this recent scandal on ‘recycling’ will definitely make you cringe.

An adult diaper factory Tancheng County in southern Shandong province, China has been exposed for using old, used diapers to make new ones. Gross!


The raid, which was part of the yearly festivities marking Consumer Rights Day in China, exposed tall stacks of used diapers ready to be recycled. The ‘new’ diapers are then sold at rock-bottom prices—what an easy to make money, right? So how do they do it exactly?

Based on reports, the said factory would tear apart old adult diapers in order to use the cotton inside to produce new diapers. Can you just imagine the bacteria left in them?

According to nearby homes and establishments, the factory emitted a foul smell that continuously bothers many residents in the area. I just can imagine!


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