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Couple Amazed at a Child’s Transition from a Sampaguita Vendor to a Restaurant Service Crew

Hard work definitely pays off.

In the Philippines (and other countries), it is almost normal to see children selling whatever they can on the streets to help their families survive. Poverty is a growing problem, and it is sad to see children suffer the most. Instead of going to school and learning to be successful professionals for the future, many poor children have no choice but to work at a very early age.

Facebook user Rhyzz Canasa and her husband always ate at the same Jollibee branch for quite some time and was used to buying Sampaguita flowers from a certain young boy. But as they entered the Jollibee branch, they noticed there was nowhere to sit as the restaurant was fully packed. They later found a table, but it was still full of used plates and utensils.

A service crew immediately attended to the couple and started clearing the table. While the crew was cleaning up, Rhyzz asked her husband where the young boy could be as he was nowhere to be seen. To their shock and amazement, the crew responded to her query.

“He is no longer here because I am now [working] here,” the crew said. It turns out, the child was already working at the restaurant they were eating in! The couple was amazed by how things turned out. According to Rhyzz, “having a dream and working hard for it makes everything possible.”

The young boy’s story has since gone viral on Facebook, with many netizens praising him for his hard work to finally “level up” in society.

So nag dinner kmi kanina ng asawa ko sa Jollibee junction baliwag. Ang daming tao halos wala ng vacant na table. Tapos…

Posted by Rhyzz Canasa – Balanday on Sunday, November 12, 2017


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