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Chinese Woman Had Her Legs Amputated after ‘Working’ as a Bridesmaid for 2 Straight Days

The only way to save her is to amputate her legs.

In China, Bridesmaids play a key role throughout the whole process, from greeting guests at the wedding venue and posing for photo ops, to drinking wine on behalf of the bride and guarding the boudoir.

The attractiveness and number of bridesmaids during weddings are seen in China as echoing the status of the family’s wealth. Bridesmaids play an important role in traditional Chinese weddings and increasingly function as a sort of “social display”. Because of this, Chinese Professional Bridesmaids are often subjected to verbal, physical or sexual harassment and abuse.

24-year-old Min Wenqing from Wenzhou, Sichuan in China had to have her legs amputated after she suffered from a leg infection for working as a bridesmaid for two straight days. She was a bridesmaid for two consecutive weddings but fell ill on the 2nd day. She simply brushed it off, thinking that she was merely tired from all the festivities and insufficient rest.

The following day, her family noticed that she was in an extreme state of shock and didn’t get out of her bed for more than 10 minutes. She visited one of the local doctors in the village and she was prescribed medicine for colds. However, her condition worsened the following day even if she already took her medicine.

It was until Min started vomiting that her family brought her to the hospital and have her checked. The doctors diagnosed her with nine medical conditions like fulminant myocarditis, sepsis, intestinal infection and multiple organ dysfunctions. Her family didn’t disclose the exact cause of infection.

Min was transferred to another hospital, where doctors discovered that she had a severe infection in her right leg. The bacteria that caused the infection entered through ischemic necrosis on her right lower limbs. Unfortunately, the only way to save her life was to amputate her right calf.

Min’s amputation surgery was a success, but she is yet to recover from the shock.


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