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Netizens Touched by a Beggar Who Prayed at Church Every Day to Thank God

While many people with better lives forget to pray, this man with literally nothing steps inside a church to pray every day—thanking God for what he received that day.

When people feel down, troubled, or riddled with problems, they sometimes ask, “Does God really care about me?” They would pray from morning until night, hoping to get an answer to all their problems. Sadly, when all their problems are solved and prayers answered, many people forget to thank God or even visit their church to pray.

Despite having a lot to thank for, many people sometimes forget to pray to the Lord. However, this beggar goes to church every day—not to ask for help from the Lord—but to thank him for what he received that day. According to people who saw the man, he would always go to church after receiving alms.

The author of the post on the Facebook page “DJ Kalogs Story” says they came across the beggar when they passed by Cubao Avenue for several days. The author took a picture of the old man, who didn’t even have a shirt on his back. But as the netizen passed through the area for several days, one beggar approached him/her and the latter gave the beggar 100 pesos.

Realizing it was the same old man who prayed at the church, the netizen told him to wait as s/he bought food. Unfortunately, the old man wasn’t in the same place when the netizen came back.

The heartwarming story touched the hearts of many, including netizens who wanted to reach out to the man and give him help.

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Posted by Dj Kalogs Story on Saturday, December 16, 2017


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