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Photos of a Beautiful Tattooed Chinese Woman is Going Viral and The Internet Just Loves Her

Many netizens thought she was a Korean celebrity after her photos went viral.

Inked bodies are often treated with disdain around the world. It is literally illegal in South Korea, and people who bear them are often discriminated against. A law technically forbids anyone without a medical license from wielding the needles required to craft them. However, there has been an “underground body art scene” away from the judging eyes of Seoul people that have been growing through the years.

A lot of Korean people also love people with tattoos and often refer to them as people they idolize. Photos of one tattooed Asian woman is now going viral on social media. Netizens first thought that she was a Korean celebrity, seeing how beautiful her facial features were.

Often referred to as the “Korean girl with tattoos”, the woman’s pictures can be seen in every corner of social media. However, we recently found out that she is actually Chinese, who goes by the name Andy Blossom on Instagram. Yes, now you can follow her and take a look at her artsy photos every now and then!

明明把我頭髮染的這麼水 卻一直想把我剪短髮的人 @kenichi.huang

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