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Blind Husband and Wife Who is Unable to Walk: the Epitome of Hard Work and True Love

Despite both of them being disabled, they work twice as any other normal person.

Every couple dreams of growing old with that one person they love. Unfortunately, with the availability of divorce and marriage annulment in almost every country in the world, many married couples easily break their relationship that took years to create.

Couples break up especially when as they grow old when people tend to develop debilitating diseases, or disabling health problems. But for Cao Shucai and His Wife Xu Houbi, the only people they can trust and love is each other.

Visually impaired 63-year-old Cao Shucai has been carrying his 59-year-old wife, Xu Houbi who’s unable to walk up straight on his back for 29 years. Xu has been suffering from rickets and needed to be carried around by Cao in a basket, while she served as the latter’s eyes. They literally can’t live without each other.

The couple from Yong’an Village in Chongqing has become an inspiration to many after their story was shared by People’s Daily China on Facebook which went viral; millions of views and thousands of shares just a few moments after it was posted. Netizens commented on how the couple were very compassionate towards each other, while many others hoped that kind-hearted people would help the couple live an easier life.


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