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Barefoot Girl Goes to Train Station Every Night to Study as They Have no Electricity at Home

Apparently, their community had no electricity, and the only place she could freely use light is at the train station in Uttar Pradesh, India,

Education is something that can never be lost, or taken away. Sadly, it isn’t easily attained as well. In many countries around the world, poverty has become a hindrance to many children who want to learn. Though there are schools that over free education, some parents still can’t afford to provide support for their children. In addition to that, children living in poor communities have it harder, especially remote areas with no electricity.

A girl named Divya would go to a train station to do her assignment every night. She would walk to the station at Uttar Pradesh barefoot, carrying her bag containing books and notebooks. She would then sit down and concentrate on her work, not minding people looking at her, raising their eyebrows at her appearance.

A man named Rajesh Kumar Singh noticed her and decided to take a photo. The young girl remained unfazed by the attention she was getting and continued doing her homework. Apparently, Divya lives in a poor neighborhood and there is no electricity in their house so she comes to the train station for its fluorescent light to study, so she said when asked by Rajesh.

The train station is located at Uttar Pradesh, the most populated state and one of the poorest in India where a fifth of its residents are from the lower class and hold the lowest place in India’s caste system, known as the untouchables.

When Rajesh shared her story on social media, many netizens lauded the young girl, with some hoping to help her soon.


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