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Baby Abandoned In a Box Becomes a World Superstar after Being Adopted by Loving Couple

She was left inside a box and was left to die by her real parents, but was later adopted into a loving family and has become what she is today.

A 1-month-old baby girl was abandoned inside a cardboard box and was left near a train station in Hunan, China several years ago. Thankfully, someone saw her and took her to an orphanage where she was taken care of until she was finally adopted by a loving couple. Chuck and Kim Walker fell in love with little Kenzie as soon as they saw her and immediately flew her to America.

As soon as they arrived in their new home, the couple noticed that Kenzie had an amazing talent. According to Kim, Kenzie would first imitate sounds and songs with perfect pitch, and would often give her parents a “mini-concert” whenever she can.

“It happened when we just arrived home from China. The alarm clock went off and McKenzie heard the alarm and walked over to the clock. The alarm was a rooster crowing. She really surprised us when she imitated the crowing sound with the right notes and pitch.” said Kim.

“It was pretty obvious that music is a huge part of herself”

Kim and Chuck supported Kenzie all the way. By the age of five, Kenzie was already performing in front of large crowds. That was when she told her parents that she wanted to be a famous singer when she grows up. And with her amazing talent, Kenzie was able to do just that.

Kenzie is currently maturing as an artist as she performs all over the country, including huge stadiums at sporting events. Her parents’ hearts swell with joy when they watch her sing, and are particularly proud of Kenzie’s ultimate goal: helping other orphans like herself.

Kenzie has partnered with an international organization to help build an orphanage and hopes her singing will spread awareness of adoption and the need to help orphaned children around the world.


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