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Filipina Model and Actress Arci Muñoz Finally Speaks Up Regarding Plastic Surgery Controversy

It is her body anyway!

Arci Muñoz, a Filipina actress known for her natural beauty, was bashed and shunned by the public after her post-plastic-surgery photos went viral. Fans across the nation were disappointed at her extreme transformation that she was seen wearing a mask in public.

Many netizens bashed her and criticized her for undergoing changes to her face, especially when Filipinos aren’t used to plastic surgery.

“Nagpapakapal naman talaga ako ng lipstick, nilalagpasan ko ‘yung lipstick ko. If I remove my lagpas lipstick, I’ll look the same,” she explained.

[I made my lips look fuller with more lipstick. I intentionally put lipstick beyond my real lips to make it look bigger. If I remove my lipstick, I will look the same.]

Muñoz also made it clear that she has nothing against people who choose to undergo plastic surgery.

“It’s open naman, ‘di ba? Ako personally, I’m not against [plastic surgery]. It’s my body, and whatever is going to make me feel more comfortable and more confident sa aking sarili…I’ll do it,” she said.

[It’s open isn’t it? I am not personally against plastic surgery. It is my body, and whatever is going to make me feel more comfortable and confident about myself, I’ll do it.]


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