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This Old Man Was Abandoned by His Family in a Hospital in Las Piñas—He Waited for Over a Month!

He was already discharged, but was returned unknowingly by the family.

Filipinos are known to be hospitable, friendly, and family-oriented. Nursing homes barely thrive in this country, as many Filipino families often take care of their elderly. Close family ties are seen everywhere—from the slums to the crowded cities. They even say that a Filipino family is truly unbreakable. With that at hand, this recent news broke the hearts of many, as it showed the opposite of what Filipinos are known for.

Heart-breaking photos of an old man lying down on a chair inside the Las Piñas District Hospital has been posted on social media by Facebook user Regine Antuerpia, which has gone viral that it even reached local TV news. The old man in the photos is Alfredo Garcia. He has been abandoned by his family.

According to reports, the man has been lying there for almost a month after his own daughter and family abandoned him. Antuerpia says the man has been barely eating, as he simply asks water from passersby.

Doctors at the hospital said that the man was already discharged on February 14 or 15, but the family returned him and abandoned him at the waiting area. Apparently, he suffered a stroke, and is now suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis.

The head of the medical social services, Victoria Espaltero, said: ‘Based on the hospital records, he was already discharged on February 14 or 15, but was returned unknowingly to the hospital and was left at the waiting area. They didn’t bring him to the emergency room.

‘We tried calling his family including his daughter, using the phone that was left with him, but they refused to get him.’

While his own family abandoned him, many netizens helped him. He is currently confined at an unidentified hospital. Garcia extends his gratitude to all those who helped him.


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