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    Man Spotted Massaging Pregnant Wife’s Tired Feet in Public Gains Praise from Netizens

    Not many husbands do this!

    Pregnancy is probably the most rewarding experience for many women. Carrying your future family inside of you cannot be described with words. But along with that rewarding feeling comes the hardships that comes when carrying a child for months.

    Time comes when the bump grows in size, and ankles and other parts of the body begin to swell. Because of this, walking for a long time can be hard for pregnant women. But all they actually need is a little rest, or a massage from their loving husband if possible.

    This man however, does not need to be told to take of her wife. He didn’t even mind people looking at them—as what mattered most is his wife’s well-being. He let his wife sit on the stairs while he removed her shoes and resorted to massaging her feet. She obviously needed immediate relief.

    A netizen captured the sweet moment and shared it on social media, where netizens were amazed by his sweet gesture towards his wife. Some wished them well, while others told how much they want a man like him!

    Spotted: Buntis na napagod, minasahe ni mister! Brad, ito gayahin mo. If you love her, serve her! #WayOfTheWarrior

    Posted by Boiling Waters on Friday, April 21, 2017

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    Love Omg

    Woman Sheds a Whopping 52lbs after Eating Sky Flakes Crackers and Water for Months

    There is still hope for people who have no time to exercise!

    Every Filipino knows what Skyflakes crackers are. At one time in their lives, they probably ate one (or two) pack of this crunchy treat. It doesn’t taste that much, but I don’t know why I can’t get enough of it. What I noticed about it is that eating some of it will soon make you crave for water, which is a good thing.

    This woman decided to eat Skyflakes for months after finding out how she felt full after just a couple of crackers. She also began cutting down on sweets and rice, which are the main cause of obesity in the Philippines.

    Months after, the results were more than what she expected. From her excessive weight of 80kgs, she went down to just 54 kgs. According to her, she didn’t exercise or take any pills, since she was too busy and too lazy to do so, while she didn’t want to spend on expensive medication.

    She shared her story on Facebook to inpire and motivate others that they don’t have to go to the gym or spend thousands on pills that do not work. With a mere P10 in hand, you can lose that weight in no time!


    What are Skyflakes crackers made of?

    According to M.Y. San’s website, the ingredients they used in making this simple treat are the following:

    – Wheat Flour
    – Vegetable Shortening (Hydrogenated Coconut and Palm Oil)
    – Iodized Salt
    – Sugar
    – Baking Soda and Yeast

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    Woman Falls to her Death While Using Her Smartphone after She Missed a Step on the Stairs

    ‘Electronic Heroin’ is more dangerous, as internet is everywhere. Technology is everywhere. It is NOT something illegal, and every person, regardless of age, can use it.

    In our technology-ridden world, more and more people are getting attached to their gadgets. Children tend to stay indoors and use their computers instead of enjoying a little bit of sun outside. Young adults choose to talk and chat with their friends online, instead of meeting them in person and maybe have a better time.

    Some people have their eyes glued to their smartphones that they don’t even realize the lingering danger around them. Using your smartphones have a time and place, and while walking isn’t one of them.

    This Chinese woman will never learn her lesson though, after she stumbled to her death while using her cellphone.  The woman was seen on a video footage walking down the stairs from a pedestrian overpass in the Anhui city of Suzhou with her head down and her mind focused on her phone. She then seemed to miss a step and stumbled down—head first!

    Afterward, the woman immediately lost consciousness with the fall causing serious injuries to her face and head. The woman was later seen lying on a pool of blood. Though she was still alive after the fall, she soon died at the hospital after falling into a coma.

    The perfect cure for cell phone addiction 👽

    Posted by Shanghaiist on Thursday, January 19, 2017

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    Kind-hearted Motorist Tosses Umbrella at Traffic Enforcer Who Has Been Working under the Rain for Hours

    Faith in humanity is once again restored.

    Sometimes, that one act of selflessness from one person can change the life of another. Our days don’t always go as planned, and we often find ourselves in the worst possible situation ever. These are the times when we wish someone would just reach out their hands and offer us comfort.

    This traffic enforcer was having the worst day of his life, as he was drenched in heavy rain for hours. But since he couldn’t leave his post, he had no choice but to get wet and expose himself to possible health issues.

    The video footage was believed to have been filmed in Anhui city of Wuhu on October 11.

    A few moments later, an umbrella can be seen ‘flying’ towards him. Apparently, one motorist tossed an umbrella towards the man. In an interview with Pear Video, the 50-year-old motorist said: “When I saw the poor officer, standing so still in obvious discomfort, I was moved and decided to do what I could to help the guy out.”

    That one selfless act definitely turned the enforcer’s day into a cherished one!

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    Man Drinks Too Much Energy Drinks and Almost Loses His Life When He Was About to be a Father

    Anything excessive is never good.

    Some people, especially the working class, make it a daily habit to drink at least one bottle or can of energy drink to get them going through the day. though one bottle may not be as dangerous, drinking two or more every day can take a toll on our bodies—and inevitably deadly.

    Most energy drinks typically contain large amounts of caffeine; added sugars; vitamins, such as B vitamins; and legal stimulants, such as guarana, a plant that grows in the Amazon; taurine, an amino acid that’s naturally found in meat and fish; and L-carnitine, a substance in our bodies that helps turn fat into energy.

    Austin, a young husband and expectant father, was on the brink of death after his ‘bad habit’ took a toll on his body. His wife Brianna wrote on Facebook that he had recently started consuming energy drinks excessively. Austin had started working longer hours and commuted to and from work daily, forcing him to rely on the drinks to stay awake.

    He was rushed to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage, but doctors initially couldn’t figure out why an otherwise healthy young man was bleeding from his brain. He was soon was into brain surgery and he began a two-week long hospital stay. His wife was about to give birth a few weeks later.

    “But a beautiful miracle happened as I delivered our son. Austin woke up,” Brianna recalled.

    After two months of operations and procedures, Austin finally met his newborn son. “Love is knowing you would sacrifice things that you didn’t even know you could sacrifice,” Brianna bravely shared. “Love is selfless.”

    How do energy drinks affect our body?

    “Overall, the concern is that these vitamins, amino acids and herbals are often in higher concentrations than naturally in food or plants, and the effects when combined especially with caffeine may be enhanced,” said Katherine Zeratsky, a clinical dietitian at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

    Too much energy drink consumption could also lead to caffeine overdose (which can lead to a number of symptoms, including palpitations, high blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, convulsions and, in some cases, even death), and type 2 diabetes—as high consumption of caffeine reduces insulin sensitivity.

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    Love Omg

    Man Drops Everything Including His Job and Sells All His Belongings—to Travel With His Cat!

    You only live once after all!

    If not everyone, many people love to travel. Sadly, many people don’t have the time, or the money to travel all they want. So to make his dream come true, this man decided to drop and sell everything to raise enough money for travelling. With whom you ask? His cat, Willow.

    Willow is not your ordinary rescued cat. This little black cat has travelled more than 50,000kms around Australia in a campervan with her owner, Rich.

    Rich of Hobart, Tasmania sold his house, all of his possessions, and quit his job so that he could take a trip of a lifetime on his campervan. In February 2017, they made it to South Australia, marking Willow’s official completion of visiting all 6 states and 2 territories of Australia. Yes, this cat has probably travelled more than you have ever done in your life.

    Rich said: “We’ve achieved so much together and seen some amazing places. I can’t imagine being on this trip without her by my side.

    “We’ve sailed the Great Barrier Reef, camped up mountains and travelled thousands of kilometers of gravel roads from Bourketown in Queensland, all the way up to Northern Territory.”

    While many people were wondering how hard it was to travel with a cat, Rich claims that he is most comfortable with Willow, and vice versa. According to him, Willow loves travelling with Rich and never makes a fuss. Willow is always equipped with a tracker collar so Rich always knows where she is.

    Rich added: “I’m so proud of Willow, she’s the cat that made my van a home and the whole of Australia her backyard. She’s the best travel buddy ever!”

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    Love Cry

    Cashier Selflessly Follows Elderly Man in Diapers to His Home to Make Sure He’s Safe

    The cashier knew the man as he would regularly buy milk from their convenience store.

    On July 13, Xiao Xuan visited a convenience store in Tainan, Taiwan, to have breakfast with her son. The very first thing that caught her attention was an old man in diapers. The old man then bought several bottles of milk. However, she was confused when the cashier told the man that he can only buy so much.

    Hearing this, Xiao Xuan pondered why the cashier was stopped him from buying more bottles of milk. “Isn’t it better if he buys more?”

    The cashier later explained that the old man had Alzheimer’s, and had always been a regular customer. Apparently, he could only finish a few bottles, and the amount he wanted to buy was too much for him.

    Then, the elderly man insisted to buy a big bottle of milk. “Ok, you can only buy this big bottle of milk. You cannot buy those small bottles, or else you won’t be able to finish them,” the cashier told him.

    After paying for the milk, the old man then headed home. Xiao was surprised when the cashier suddenly followed the old man. Apparently, he wanted to make sure that the old man was safe at home before he headed back to the convenience store. The cashier regularly did this for the old man.

    Xiao Xuan’s Facebook post has since gone viral, garnering more than 44,000 reactions. Many netizens are impressed by the cashier’s warm-hearted gesture.

    “Our society needs someone like him. I applaud him for his kindness!” one Facebook user wrote.

    “He is so thoughtful. What a heartwarming story,” another commented.

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    Kind-hearted Netizen Seeks Online Help for an Old Man Who Sells Iced Candy Rain or Shine

    Apparently, he didn’t own the ice candies, and just added a few pesos over its original price.

    Poverty in the Philippines has been forcing the old and the young to make a living. Instead of going to school, children are forced to beg or to work at a very young age; and instead of resting at their old age, many of the elderly work twice as hard just to make ends meet.

    79-year-old Rudy Santos has no choice but to sell iced candy just to survive. Netizen Cristalyn Mae Guelas Montesa and her boyfriend spotted the old man, and their hearts were immediately shaken. They decided to approach Tatay Rudy and ask him a few questions.

    That was when they learned that each candy he sold for P10 wasn’t entirely his. The iced candy belonged to the people who owned the place he was staying at, and his only share from all the hard work was a mere four pesos each.

    Because of the small amount of money he gets from selling, he could only eat bread every day. Touched by the old man’s story, the couple then decided to feed him and allow him to rest for a while. They then asked if they could record a video while he told his story, to which he agreed to do.

    Posted by Cristalyn Mae Guelas Montesa on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

    Sharing the photos and videos on Facebook, the couple asked for help for the old man, especially when they learned that he was later hospitalized. The couple suspect that the old man collapsed after selling iced candy during the hot weather.

    Posted by Cristalyn Mae Guelas Montesa on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

    Magandang araw po sa inyong Lahat. Sya po si Tatay Rudy Santos mag 79 nadaw sya sa Nov, 10. if ever Makita nyo po si…

    Posted by Cristalyn Mae Guelas Montesa on Tuesday, October 10, 2017


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    Cry Omg Angry Win Lol

    Netizens Confused with Shoe’s Color: if Is it Pink and White, or is it Gray and Teal?

    What color do you see?

    After a picture of a dress was posted on Tumblr a few years back, it has blown up the internet and has caused widespread confusion which led to heated debates among netizens. The dress’s color was subject for debate. Netizens were confused if it was a blue and black dress, or if it was a white a gold one. What sorcery is this?

    Today, yet another picture is causing widespread confusion on the internet: a sneaker. Is it a gray sneaker, or is it a pink one? I tried this at home, and our family was divided. So how do you explain this?

    Some actually see White and Pink colors, while others see Gray and Teal colors. What do you see? Confusing isn’t it? Ok, so the answer is simple: the shoe is actually pink. Okay, relax. It is Pink and White, and has a scientific explanation to it.

    So what’s going on here? According to Adam Rogers from Wired, your brain is actually trying to correct for sunlight, and in the process it’s screwing everyone who sees Gray and teal over. In order to perceive colours, different wavelengths of light have to enter the lenses of our eyes and hit our retinas, and this triggers the nerves that connect to our brain’s visual cortex, which results in us seeing a picture. But importantly, the light your eye receives doesn’t just contain the wavelengths of light reflecting off the object you’re looking at, but also those wavelengths that are lighting up the world.

    Your brain is really smart, and it knows this, so without you having to think about it, it just subtracts these other wavelengths from the ‘real’ color of the object you’re looking at. Which is where everything is going wrong with that shoe—some of our brains are color-correcting in different ways.

    “Our visual system is supposed to throw away information about the illuminant and extract information about the actual reflectance,” Jay Neitz, a neuroscientist at the University of Washington, told Rogers. “But I’ve studied individual differences in color vision for 30 years, and this is one of the biggest individual differences I’ve ever seen.”

    Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist at Wellesley College, added: “So people either discount the pink side, in which case they end up seeing white and gray, or discount the gray side, in which case they end up with pink and white.”

    At the end of the day, the shoe is concluded to be pink and white. It’s now time to reconcile with friends!

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