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    Motorists Shocked as Porn ‘Accidentally’ Airs on a Video Billboard in Makati

    When motorists realized what was actually happening, some took out their phones and took pictures.

    In the Philippines, traffic jams can be annoying and boring especially when it takes you hours to reach a destination that should’ve only taken you 15 minutes. Many people get into road altercations especially when everybody wants to get to their destination as soon as possible. However, this road “accident” has left many motorists “preoccupied” while waiting for the traffic to move.

    One netizen named Mulong Sermonia was shocked when he noticed what was airing on one of the digital billboards flagging the Executive Building Center in Makati Avenue, Makati City. He first noticed a man on top of a woman, and they were doing something that shouldn’t be aired! The pornographic clip was played via TeamViewer, a computer software application used for Internet-based remote access and support, as well as file transfer and desktop sharing.

    Sermonia told INQUIRER.net that he and his companions were laughing when they saw the video on the billboard.  “Natatawa na kami nang makita namin,” said Sermonia. A lot of people witnessed the scene too, including the passers-by and drivers of other vehicles. “Meron mga nakahintong naka-motor, yung ale napahinto at ibang mga driver ng van, L300 yata yun.”

    (We were laughing when we saw it. Some who were riding motorbikes even stopped. A lady also stopped, and other drivers, including a driver of an L300 van, I think.)

    it still isn’t clear if the accidental airing was the result of a prank, or of the carelessness of those in charge of the billboard.

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    Police Officer Feeds and Grants Street Child’s Wish to Get a Toy at McDonald’s

    He approached the child and asked him what he wanted, the child then pointed at a toy display at McDonald’s.

    In many parts of the world, particularly in the Philippines, many children are left homeless and without anyone to care for them but themselves. In the streets of Manila and other parts of the country, many children beg for money and food so that they can survive even just for a day. We can see them roaming about, sleeping anywhere they could come nightfall. Most of them have no parents to teach and educate them that is why they are not able to study as well.

    Thankfully, there are still some people who go against all odds and do something for the growing population of street children—like this man.

    Shaun Mazo, a police officer in the Philippines, is now praised and lauded by many netizens because of his selfless act. Mazo apparently saw a bare-footed street child along Boni MRT and decided to approach the little boy.

    He then asked the boy what he wanted to eat, and the boy immediately pointed towards the direction of a McDonald’s branch.

    Apparently, the child wanted a toy from McDonald’s, and it, fortunately, came with a meal. The boy was extremely happy with his new toy and a full stomach, and Mazo was equally happy after seeing the boy finally smiling.

    Posted by Shaun Mazo on Sunday, March 18, 2018

    According to Mazo, his post was not for attention, or to gain sympathy from netizens—but instead, he wanted to raise awareness. He wanted the world to recognize these children, and condemn the parents for letting their children stay like that.

    Many netizens were praising Mazo, with some even saying he was beautiful inside and out! Check his entire story below:

    "BEST FEELING”For Info: Pinost ko to dahil hindi sa gusto ko magpasikat or kumuha ng simpatya ng mga tao pinost ko to…

    Posted by Shaun Mazo on Sunday, March 18, 2018

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    Armless Man Makes Wooden Toy Cars with Just His Feet in Inspiring Video

    Unlike many able-bodied men, he makes an honest living making toys, despite his disability.

    Today, we see able-bodied men (and women) use violence and illegal means to “make a living”. These criminals choose to take from others instead of working honest jobs. But when these people see this armless toymaker, they will definitely feel ashamed of themselves.

    An armless man from Lastro, north east Brazil, became an internet sensation overnight after a video showing him making wooden toy cars wen viral. The man was identified as 47-year-old Geraldo Pereira, who has a congenital disease that left him without upper limbs. But while most of us would be left useless without arms, Pereira does not let his disability get in the way of him working.

    Using only his feet, Pereira is able to make toy cars for children. He can hold hammers as well as measure out and saw wood using his feet, which is needed to make the wooden toys. “From a child, I have always been determined to be independent. “I’ve never felt sorry for myself but believed I was special,” he said. “If you don’t have something you don’t miss it. You just find a way to make do.”

    Pereira usually makes his toys in public, where crowds are drawn to his unbelievable skills. He claims it only takes him an hour to assemble a toy car, while larger trucks take him two. “When I use an electric saw I can produce up to ten a day,” he adds.

    The toymaker, who travels from town to town on buses to sell his wares, claims he discovered his skills when someone gave him a broken truck and he decided to “fix” it.

    Man born without arms make a living making toys. This is a message to every able body man

    Posted by Den Rich on Monday, February 26, 2018

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    Female Armed Forces and Police around the World are setting the Internet on Fire

    They are all beautiful—and they can definitely kick ass!

    In some parts of the world, going to the army is probably one of the hardest but most fulfilling experiences in a man’s life. Though they have to leave their families for a while, they are able to meet new friends and create new relationships that could last a lifetime. But if male soldiers come across these beautiful and badass women, they are in a ride of their lives!

    What some people don’t know is that many people around the world are required to complete national service at the age of 18—including girls, who must sometimes serve a minimum of two years in the armed forces. Yes, even girls go to the army.

    More recently, from the beginning of the 1970s, most Western armies have begun to admit women to serve active duty in all of its military branches. In nine countries women are conscripted into the military—and yes, they can be as strong as (or even stronger) than some men.

    A series of photos showing female soldiers and police officers around the world is setting the world on fire. These women are not only beautiful, but they are very capable too. These women went through the same training as the men did, and they made it through with flying colors. Who knew such goddesses could be badass too?

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    Wife Shames Husband and His Mistress after Learning They Cheated on Her Numerous Times

    Apparently, the man and the mistress “promised” to break up numerous times, but got back together nevertheless.

    Nowadays, numerous families have been torn apart because of many cheating partners. Men and women cheat on their partners a for variety of reasons. Some people simply “look for adventure” outside of their marriage, resulting to an affair that will later end in divorce. The worst kind of cheater is someone who cheats on his/her partner over and over again.

    This was the case for Facebook user Mary Ann Tarca and her husband, Kerwin. According to Mary Ann, Kerwin has been going on and off with his relationship with his co-worker, Honey Malubay. As a matter of fact, Kerwin has been allegedly cheating on her with Honey even when Mary was still pregnant with their child.

    But because the couple was starting a family, they decided to fix their problems and get together. Kerwin apparently promised that he would stop seeing the other woman. Mary Ann chose to trust Kerwin and accepted him once again, thinking everything will simply go back to “normal”. However, Kerwin couldn’t keep away from his mistress for long. He and Honey stayed connected.

    As Kerwin changed jobs and transferred to Solaire, a popular casino in the Philippines, Honey apparently applied there too. Once again, the cheating couple is together.

    She found out that her husband and his mistress were working in the same company again.

    Mary Ann finally reached her limit and decided to shame both her husband and his mistress. According to her revelation on Facebook, Mary Ann claims that Kerwin has not been going home for quite some time and she believes that they are together.

    Her post on Facebook has been taken down, but here are screenshots of the original post:


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    Filipina Traditional Tattoo Artist ‘Apo Whang-Od’ Recognized by ‘Lost’ Star Evangeline Lilly

    The 101-year-old woman continues to make traditional tattoos for people who line up for her art every day.

    Hollywood actress and “Lost” star Evangeline Lilly has recognized ‘Apo Whang-Od’ on Instagram, sharing a photo of the 101-year-old traditional tattoo artist with a caption, “#beauty #age #power Wang Od by #justbry c/o @modernbe_.”

    Apparently, Evangeline stayed in the Philippines for weeks when she was still younger, and she immediately fell in love with the culture. “When I was 18, I went to the Philippines for three weeks. I was on the island of Palawan and lived in the jungle with tribal people, which was incredible,” she shared.

    #beauty #age #power Wang Od by #justbry♠️ c/o @modernbe_

    A post shared by Evangeline Lilly (@evangelinelillyofficial) on

    On the other hand, Whang-od Oggay, also known as Maria Oggay, is the only surviving Kalinga traditional tattoo artist with the distinguished title of “mambabatok” or a master tattooist of “batek,” the folk skin inscriptions of Kalinga in the Philippines.

    In the past year, Whang-od has been recognized worldwide after her artwork was featured in a Canadian Art Exhibit a few years ago. Though she is now known around the world, the tattoo artist is from Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines, and is part of the Butbut people of the larger Kalinga ethnic group.

    Apo Whang-od Oggay has also been nominated for the Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan (Gamaba) or the National Living Treasures Award, the highest honor given by the state to traditional folk artists in the Philippines.

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    Weather Reporter of 22 Years Dubbed an ‘Ageless Goddess’ With Her Video Compilation

    According to reports, the beautiful reporter is now 44 years old—despite looking the same 22 years ago.

    Wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, and fine lines on the face comes with aging. As people grow old, it becomes harder to maintain a sexy body and a wrinkle-free face. By the age of 40, these changes usually start to show, people begin to gain weight, and exercising isn’t as easy anymore. But many netizens are baffled by this 44-year-old Chinese weather reporter who doesn’t seem to age at all.

    It all started when a compilation of her videos made by her production team went viral. According to reports, Yang Dan has been a weather girl at China’s state broadcaster CCTV for over 22 years. According to a Chinese government website, she was born in November 1973. That makes her 44 years old today!

    Dan earned her degree at Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 1996 and has been working for China’s Central Television Station since 1996. On the video, it reads: “Many web users have grown up watching her show. They marveled why they have grown older but she hasn’t. What’s more? It appears she is younger and younger.”

    Netizens were in disbelief after seeing her video compilation of 22 years working as a reporter. The video seemed to have been taken the same day as Dan’s face barely changed throughout the years. As a matter of fact, many netizens pointed out that she looked younger today.

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    Bianca Umali Literally ‘Glowed’ on Her Debut While Wearing Stunning Pinoy-Made Gown

    Apparently, the gown had to be made in Dubai because it was hard to make it in the Philippines.

    Every Filipino girl looks forward to her 18th birthday. A debut refers to a coming-of-age celebration for Filipino women and is one of the most memorable occasions in a girl’s life. And like any other Filipina girl, Kapuso star Bianca Umali was very excited, especially when she was about to wear a stunning Pinoy-made dress that will definitely make her shine like no other.

    Born Maria Isadora Bianca Soler Umali, the 18-year-old is a Filipina actress, commercial model, and dancer. She is currently a contract artist of GMA Network and GMA Artist Center. And of course, a special girl deserves a special dress for her debut. Umali made her grand entrance during her party, wearing the dress made by a Filipina designer based in Dubai.

    “’Yung main gown is by a Filipino designer based in Dubai. Her name is Fay Reyes. Kilala siya ng stylist ko, si John Paul Dizon. They worked together because my stylist, of course, alam niya kung ano ang gusto ko…. I had a design in mind noon pa at matagal ko nang ipinakita sa kanya…. Nanggaling po siya (iyong gown) sa Dubai because mahirap po siyang gawin dito,” she said.

    [The main gown is by a Filipino designer based in Dubai. Her name is Fay Reyes. My stylist, John Paul Dizon, knows her. They worked together because my stylist, of course, knew what I wanted. I already had a design in mind before, and I already showed him a long time ago. The gown was brought her from Dubai because the gown was hard to make here.]

    Umali is known for her roles in “Mga Basang Sisiw”, “Wish I May”, and “Mulawin vs Ravena”.

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    Customers Amused by This Classic European Themed Jollibee in in Lucban, Quezon

    Enjoy your favorite Chicken Joy while relaxing in this European styled Jollibee branch.

    Filipinos around the globe are always drawn to that Jollibee fast-food chain around the corner. Almost no Filipino grew up without at least getting a taste of their famous fried chicken, their sweet-style spaghetti, or their juicy burgers.

    There is no denying that it is every Filipino’s favorite fast-food chain. It has always been a place that celebrates with customers and saves them from inevitable crappy days. Over the years, every Filipino’s love for this food place is one thing they have been sharing with fellow countrymen. True Filipino pride!

    Customers are used to those uniform tables and red chairs all over the ever-changing interior of every Jollibee branch in the Philippines and abroad. But one branch dared to go against the norm and styled their branch European-style. Yes, it’s the same old Jollibee goodness, but a whole new feeling!

    The said Jollibee branch in Lucban, Quezon first came to light when travel vlogger Michael Angelo Adona shared the photos on social media. The series of photos posted on Facebook was captioned with: “Gusto ko pumunta dito (I want to go here)!  Located at La Doña Ana Building, 72 Quezon Avenue, Lucban, Quezon.”

    Gusto ko pumunta dito! 😍😍😍Located at La Doña Ana Building, 72 Quezon Avenue, Lucban, Quezon.(c) Michael Angelo Adona – Travel Vlog

    Posted by Viral Photos on Friday, March 16, 2018

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