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    Enraged Mother Ties 1-Year-old Son’s Neck Because Her Husband Won’t Answer Her Calls

    Apparently, her husband won’t take her calls, prompting her to scare him using their child.

    While many couples could only dream of having children, there are parents who abuse their children and put them in danger. A Thai woman has gained ire online after she posted a video showing how she tied a black rope around her 1-year-old son’s neck and pulling it for a few seconds. Her act was apparently a threat to her husband, who wouldn’t answer her calls.

    After a few seconds, she throws the toddler onto the mattress. The child cries in distress as he doesn’t even know why he was treated that way. She then tells her husband (looks at the camera) that their son is only alive because she allowed him to live. She threatens him by saying that if he still doesn’t pick up his son or answer the calls, she would kill the toddler as she was stressed out and going mad.

    Fortunately, the boy’s grandmother saw what happened to her grandson, and decided to call the authorities. The mother was soon apprehended, and the boy taken away from her—unscathed.

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    Pinay Gains Praise from Netizens When She Stayed Calm While a Racist Woman Verbally Attacked Her

    Apparently, the woman was angry because the Filipina woman was ‘too fat’ and they couldn’t fit in the HongKong Bus seat.

    Facebook user Angela Sentillas Pasco was having an ordinary day as she rode a HongKong bus. What she didn’t know was that there was an impending attack at her by a Chinese woman who was sitting beside her. Apparently, the woman complained that Angela was ‘too fat’ and that the chair was too small to accommodate both of them.

    Instead of asking nicely, the woman began shouting at Angela. She yelled insults to Angela’s race and even called her a ‘slave in HongKong’. The woman also pointed out that HongKong is only for Chinese people and that Angela didn’t belong there.

    “Later I started to film her as she kept yelling at me in Chinese. Some of the things in translation means that I’m a slave/helper in Hong Kong,” the Filipina wrote.

    “That, I should go back to my country because Hong Kong is for Chinese people LOL. She swore at me, calling me names, disrespecting my race,” she added.

    The woman kept shouting insults at the Filipina but she remained calm and composed. While the woman’s veins on her neck were already showing because of her rage, Angela remained calm and even laughed at the woman. It was until other passengers could no longer handle the woman’s behavior that she was told to stop.

    Though she gained praise from a lot of netizens who supported her choice of remaining calm, there were some netizens who believe she should’ve done something to defend herself. Read her entire post below:

    Such a Disrespectful, Racist, and Judgemental woman. The story is when i got on the bus in kwai chung. she was seating…

    Posted by Angela Sentillas Pasco on Saturday, August 12, 2017

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    Man Arrested after He was Caught Molesting His Adopted Sister in a Chinese Railway Station

    The young man was seen fondling his sister’s breasts in public.

    Young girls are harassed and molested on a daily basis. Because of their weaknesses and vulnerability, these young girls fall victim to men who are stronger or have authority over them. Unfortunately, many cases involving molestation and rape happens at home—where children should be kept safe. This young girl was adopted to a Chinese family, but what she experienced while under their care was nothing but traumatizing.

    Inside the Nanjing South Railway Station, a man can be seen fondling a little girls breasts as the latter sat on his lap while waiting with their parents.  The shocking series of photos hit Chinese social media, leaving Chinese netizens dismayed and disgusted. Many netizens were aiming to go on a hunt for the man, but his identity wasn’t disclosed as well.

    Nanjing Railway police said that the man in the images had already been arrested. Police added that the man is around 20 years old, while the girl is less than 14. According to reports, the young girl was adopted into the family, but further information was kept from the public to hide the girl’s identity.

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    Heartbreaking Photo Shows Two Soldiers Happily Sharing a ‘Canned Food’ Meal

    Just being able to eat is a luxury for them.

    Time has passed after the start of the Marawi siege, and many Filipinos are still grieving for the lives lost. Soldiers and civilians alike have suffered massively, and a few deaths has sent the entire nation into mourning. While many have forgotten about it and moved on with their own lives, Filipino soldiers are continuing to defend our country, despite having little to nothing for supplies.

    Many of these soldiers barely eat, as rations are slowly used up. In a photo shared by Facebook page Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa Supporters, two soldiers can be seen eating rice and canned corned beef on one rice pot cover. Though they can be seen happily eating, the photo shows that they definitely don’t have enough food. They were eating in a rundown building, probably destroyed because of the ongoing fight between soldiers and the Maute group.

    Netizens expressed their feelings towards many Filipino soldiers in general. The nation is once again ignoring the needs of soldiers who are literally sacrificing their lives to make sure ours are safe.

    About 40 extremists are still holed up in Marawi, over 2 months after they attacked the city on March 23 and prompted a declaration of martial law over the entire Mindanao. The terrorists, he added, hold 80 to 100 captives, including Fr. Chito Suganob, who was recently sighted by several rescued hostages.

    The battle for Marawi has killed at least 562 extremists, 45 civilians and 128 state troops.

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    Filipino Entertainer Vice Ganda Wears Supreme Bags and Shoes worth Millions In Viral Photos

    This just goes to show how successful he is today!

    A series of photos showing Filipino entertainer Vice Ganda wearing bags and shoes worth millions has taken the internet by storm. Posted by Facebook user Marie Tillah, the photos showed the comedian carrying a Supreme bag. Tillah wanted the bag, which prompted her to check how much it costs online.

    The prices were truly shocking. Vice Ganda’s Supreme handbag costs $12,000 with additional $212.16shipping fee, whilst the Monogram red sneaker costs $4,500 with a shipping fee of $45.00. The Louis Vuitton red sports sneakers’ price ranges from $1,557.24 to $1,816.78.

    Tillah’s caption read: “Bet ko talaga [yung items] tapos hinanap ko presyo. I’m shookt, mamshie. Ni shipping fee nga wala ako. Ampunin moko, Vice Ganda.”

    [I really like the items, so I checked the prices. I’m shookt, mamshie. I don’t even have money for shipping fee. Please adopt me, Vice Ganda.]

    Who is Vice Ganda?

    Jose Marie Borja Viceral (born March 31, 1976), known by his stage name Vice Ganda, is a Filipino comedian, television presenter, endorser, actor, author, fashion icon, and recording artist. Viceral is a regular host/judge on ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show It’s Showtime, and has starred in several films, six of which are considered the highest-grossing films in Philippine cinema.

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    Netizens Shocked at This Beautiful Girl’s Real Identity—You Wouldn’t Believe It!

    Were you fooled as well?

    Many people use makeup to transform or improve their looks. It even takes a woman minutes or hours at a time, to enhance their attractiveness. Most of the time, the effect of wearing makeup depends on the quality of makeup used, and the ability of the artist to ‘enhance’ beauty. But how much does makeup change the look of one person anyway? This beautiful girl’s photos went viral as soon as it was shared on Facebook. Take a close look at the photos and get ready to be shocked.

    Netizen Jayson Jay Joven shared a photo to his Facebook timeline showing a girl with full makeup on, perfect hair, and yes—a beautiful smile. But what some people don’t know is that the girl on the picture was actually no other than Jayson himself! Apparently, it was an answer to many requests by netizens to do the #girlychallenge, where he is challenged to dress up like a girl. Netizens were confused!

    He actually looks more beautiful than many women I know! If you are wondering how he looks without makeup and a wig, well here you go. Thank us later!

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    Jake Zyrus Has a New Love and He Claims That ‘She Makes Him Feel Good about Himself’

    We are happy for you, Jake!

    Charice Pempengco was known around the world to be a little girl with a big voice. Her voice was compared to legends like Whitney Houston, making her a person many Filipinos are proud of.

    However, she has been surrounded with controversies concerning her transformation into a man now known as Jake Zyrus.

    After her revelation of being lesbian, her relationship with another girl has sparked rumors as well. Their long-term relationship unfortunately ended soon after the revelation—which eventually became a hot topic as well. Soon came her name change, which probably the one which garnered much attention from the public.

    After a series of controversies, a new light has finally shined for Jake. According to him, he has met the love of his life, and that she has changed everything in his life. netizens were surprised when Shyre Aquino, a Nutritionist and fitness instructor, posted photos of herself together with Jake Zyrus, which was captioned with: “I love you for who you are.”

    Netizens were able to witness the sweetness between the two, as Jake wrote a sweet and sincere note for Shyre.

    Netizens expressed their support for Jake, saying how lucky he was to have a girlfriend such as her. We are all happy for you, Jake!

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    Old Woman Carries Husband Using a Makeshift Wagon to Bring Him to the Hospital for Treatment

    Despite her old age, she was able to pull the cart which carried her husband and their two dogs.

    Only a few couples stay together until they grow old. With the availability of divorce and marriage annulment, more and more couples are separating due to a variety of reasons. While many people would leave their partners once they no longer have use to the family, this old woman chose to sacrifice everything just to save her husband.

    A netizen and traffic enforcer encountered an old woman asking for directions in the streets of Manila. When he asked her where she was headed, she showed him a plastic envelope containing papers and what seemed to be directions to a hospital. Apparently, her husband needed immediate medical attention, and she was the only one who could bring him to the hospital.

    The traffic enforcer told her to take a particular jeep and alight at some point. But the old woman cut him off and said that she didn’t have money for transportation. As a matter of fact, she had carried her husband using a kariton, or a makeshift cart, with two of their dogs as she couldn’t leave them alone at home.

    The enforcer shared the old woman’s story on Facebook, hoping other people could help her. The enforcer also found out that the woman hadn’t had a single bite to eat for the entire day. Knowing this, he bought her food and rice to eat while she rests.

    His selfless act has touched thousands of netizens, praising him and thanking him for being a Good Samaritan to the old woman. Hopefully, more people will get to encounter the old woman and help her soon.

    Posted by All about the Philippines on Sunday, August 13, 2017

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    Woman Being Judged by Her Peers Finally Speaks Up and Gives Netizens a Piece of Her Mind

    What do you think about her?

    We’ve heard it time and again. When a woman changes partners easily, she is called promiscuous; when a man does it, he is idolized by other men. When a woman spends time drinking and partying with friends, she is called immoral. When a woman dresses differently compared to society, she is a rebel. You’d think that women are badly treated in the past, but they are judged the same way today.

    This Filipina netizen grew up being called names even by her own peers. She often spends time with male friends, drinks and smokes with them. She isn’t demure either, and she tends to be loud—just like her male friends.

    While she enjoys spending time with them, other people look down on her. She has been called a b*tch, and a promiscuous and flirty woman. To defend and explain herself, she posts a piece of her mind on social media—but gets more negative reactions instead.

    Filipinos are known for their religious beliefs. With this at hand, many Filipinos stick to conservativeness especially when it concerns their children. Seeing a young woman dress down to revealing clothes, drinking and smoking with men, isn’t acceptable to many. She claims that she is be loud and not that refined, but she assures other people that she isn’t what others think about her. She claims to be loyal to one person (if ever she finds a partner), and that she is a completely different person once you get to meet her.

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