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Autistic 9-year-old’s Skull Punctured after Bullies Threw a Wooden Plank with a Rusty Nail at Him

The bullies threw a wooden plank with a rusty nail attached to it, and that stuck to his skull after being hit.

Bullying has been a growing problem around the world. Children and teens are suffering from physical, mental, and emotional abuse from classmates and other students. Sadly, many teachers and adults overlook and ignore a child’s cry for help, leading to many suicide cases involving bullying. Bullies today are getting more and more violent, with hundreds of cases showing minors physically attacking and even killing other children for no reason at all.

This 9-year-old autistic boy was the most recent victim of bullying, and what happened to him shocked the world. Romeo Smith from Mansfield was walking with his mother after visiting his grandmother.


Because of his condition, Romeo’s mom Natasha says he would often wander and look around. Natasha didn’t notice that Romeo was no longer following her when she got home.

Apparently, other children were calling him names because of his autism and chased him up a tree. Since the bullies couldn’t climb the tree, they decided to throw things at him instead. One bully picked up a wooden plank with a rusty nail and threw it at Romeo. The rusty nail was embedded on Romeo’s head, and stuck to his skull.

Romeo’s father frantically ran out of their home upon noticing that he was not with his mom. Knowing about his son’s condition, he was worried what might happen to his son. That was when he saw Romeo climbing down a tree, with a wooden plank attacked to his head.

Romeo was rushed to King’s Mill Hospital where he was given morphine while the plank was removed. That was when doctors found out that an inch of the nail was embedded in the boy’s skull.

“I don’t know whether it had anything to do with his autism, but I think they did see him as vulnerable. If I could speak to the boys responsible I would tell them to stop bullying others. I would tell them to stop the name calling and the violence. I don’t want this to happen to another child,” Romeo’s mother said.

Thankfully, the plank was successfully removed and Romeo will recover from the injuries soon. They gave him antibiotics to avoid further complications and/or infections from the cut.


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