23 Year Old Student Gone Blind Due To The Overused Of Contact Lenses

A student from Taiwan named Lian Kao lost her sight because of keeping her contact lenses  for six months without even cleaning it.

The doctor said that Lian kept her contacts in even if she’s in the swimming pool and when she was washing. Her cornea ate by her amoebas that’s why her eye sight lost.

According to a warning issued by doctors, the case was a particularly severe example of a young person under pressure who did not take the time to carry out basic hygiene on their contact lenses.

“Contact lens wearers are a high risk group that can easily be exposed to eye diseases,” expert
ophthalmologist Wu Jian-Liang told the Daily Mail. “A shortage of oxygen can destroy the surface of the
epithelial tissue, creating tiny wounds into which the bacteria can easily infect, spreading to the rest of
the eye and providing a perfect breeding ground.”

Contact lens prescriptions expire and contact lenses come with expiration, There are some contact lenses that can be use by months and year but
Lian overused hers that’s why it affects her eye sight that caused her blind.

To prevent irritations, contact lenses must be clean by a “solutions”. Clean your hands first before holding your contacts. Remove it when you’re going to sleep and when you’re going to wash you face.

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       Via/Source(s): FoxNews, Youtube

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