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Treasure Hunter and Amateur Historian Discovers $267,000 Worth of Roman Coins in a Farmer’s Field

The money will be split between him and the farmer.

At least once in our lives, we’ve dreamed of unearthing something of great value. Who doesn’t want to get insta-rich anyway, right? However, there rules and who gets to keep any loot you find. Finding buried treasure may sound like something from a children’s storybook, but if you’re in possession of a metal detector and know what you’re doing it could become a reality.

35-year-old Mike Smale never thought he would unearth such treasure in his life!

Using a metal detector, the amateur historian unearthed a hoard of 2,000-year-old silver Roman coins – worth up to £200,000 ($267,000). Apparently, a single coin can sell for up to £900 ($12,000) so fisherman Mike Smale was astonished when he uncovered one pristine coin after another dating back to 32BC.

Smale found the hoard of 600 rare ancient coins in a farmer’s field in Bridport.

The father-of-one from Plymouth, Devon, said: ‘It was incredible, a true once-in-a-lifetime find.

‘I had a good idea about what it was – I had already found one or two Roman denarii that morning.

‘It’s a great find, my biggest one, but I shan’t be giving it up. It’s great fun and I’m sticking with it.’

The coins will be handed over to the coroner for valuation and then likely sold to a museum, with the profits split between the farmer and Smale.

‘It’s impossible to say what it’s worth, it all depends on too many factors. How rare they are, what condition they are in, things like that.

‘But it is a substantial find, and whatever I do get I’m going to split with the guys I went up there with.’


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