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Abusive Employers Brand their 13-year-old Maid with Iron and Poured Boiling Water on Her

They pricked her eyes with pins and often beat her with sticks.

Poverty has forced many children to work and do jobs for adults to survive in today’s society. With food and shelter becoming scarcer and scarcer every day, these children would even tolerate abuse just to make money. However, this 13-year-old’s experience in the hands of her cruel employees is nowhere near acceptable. Netizens are outraged and saddened by what the child had to go through while working for the couple.


According to reports, the unnamed 13-year-old ran away from home and started working for Tun Tun, 32, and Myat Noe Thu, 30.

However, not long after she started working, they began torturing her in ways unimaginable. They started branding her with an iron, dousing her in boiling water and pricking her eyes with pins. They often beat her with sticks, too.

It was until concerned neighbors decided to call the police and report the couple. Pictures taken by officers at the Dagon Township station in Yangon, Burma, show painful wounds across the girl’s face, chest, back arms and legs.

A police report stated: “On the morning of June 3 at about 9 am the hosts living in room 402 were arrested accused of torturing the domestic worker.

“According to the investigation, Tun Tun and his wife were found to be responsible to this.

“The wounds were checked and verified. The child has been taken now by the Social Welfare Department.

However, the couple were initially held it custody but were soon released on bail after the charges were reduced from causing grievous hurt with weapons to the lesser causing hurt with weapons.


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