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11-year-old Works at a Crematorium to Pay for His Ailing Mother’s Medical Needs

At a very young age, his father died and his mother fell ill—leaving him with no choice but to work for his mom.

Children have all the right to enjoy their lives with their parents’ protection and support. Sadly, many children are forced to work (though illegal) because of poverty. For this 11-year-old Thai boy, he has no choice but to work to pay for his mother’s medical bills.

Instead of studying or playing with friends, this 11-year-old boy spends most of his day burning dead bodies at a crematorium to make enough money for food and his mother’s medical bills. Apparently, his father died when he was just a toddler, and his mother soon fell ill.

His mother soon became bedridden and couldn’t work. Previously, his mother worked at the crematorium but she could no longer work because of her condition. She then sent her son to the crematorium to work for their survival.

While many adults couldn’t stand seeing dead bodies, this young boy would stay at the crematorium until the bodies are turned into ashes. He will then go home, clean up, and cook food for his mom. After doing all that work, he will finally go to bed, only to wake up early in the morning to go back to the crematorium.

When his story went viral on social media, help from netizens poured in. hopefully, the young boy will quit his job soon, and return to school and be with friends once again.


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