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10-year-old Boy Gifts Older ‘Supermodel’ Girlfriend with a Brand New iPhone X

The 10-year-old boy took her to the movies and surprised her with a brand new iPhone X.

In today’s generation, couples are getting younger and younger. While couples of decades ago would date after or during college, teens and even children today begin dating at a very young age. What’s more shocking is that the age gap between couples is getting wider and wider.

Older males and younger partners are more common, but there are older women who opt for younger men and vice versa. However, one boy made headlines after posting photos of himself and his girlfriend. Though the woman was still young compared to a lot of people, the boy was just 10 years old. To make things more shocking, the 10-year-old boy gave his older partner a new iPhone X for Christmas!

Netizens were only able to identify the young boy who goes by the name of Nantapong Kidwapattana. How he managed to bag a supermodel girlfriend or how he was able to buy a new iPhone X still remains a mystery. He wrote in his post:

“Today, I’m bringing my girl out for a movie. Since she’s such an adorable girl, I’ve bought her an iPhone X worth 47,000 baht (RM5,800) as a present.”

“This phone is a reward for our love. Merry Christmas.”

According to reports, the model/DJ goes by the handle name of Rky Thitiworada, and has over 225,000 followers on Instagram, most of her photos received over thousands of likes.


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